About Top Dog

At Top Dog Agility are primary goal is to help build a strong bond between a handler and their dog. To open and expand the level of communication between them and to build a relationship that last a lifetime. We teach our dogs pretty much everything they need to know via tricks and game using positive reward dog training only, no negative corrections are allowed. Our major focus is agility, but we promote and support all other versions of having fun with your dog.

Whether you are doing agility, obedience, tracking or flyball it should be just another game to your dog that they can have fun doing with you.

What I have learned and what I teach my students is more of a philosophy rather than a system or style. Systems and styles are always changing wherein a philosophy makes for a much better foundation on which you can build your own system or style. I am currently running four dogs in agility. Each dog requires a different handling style and communication skills to get the maximum performance from them. This ability to transition from one style to another can only really be achieved when you are basing your style off an underlying philosophy.