How my program works

This is how my program works:  The first time you come over is for an evaluation lesson. This lesson gives me a chance to meet you and your dog. Watch how well you work together and formulate a personalized training program for you and your dog. This also give you a chance to learn about my training program and philosophy and decide if this is the right program for you. Then if you wish to continue you have two options. First, is to sign up for a set of four lessons. I will try to set up a reserved day and time for each lesson. This is the most popular option. The second option is to do what I call a “drop in lesson”. You call me, and we set a day and time for a specific lesson. All my lessons run no more than forty-five minutes or until your dog shows signs of fatigue or can’t maintain its attention.

My whole training program is based on you and your dog having fun and enjoying working with each other. We use toys and treats to motivate and shape your dog’s behavior and sometimes yours too.