Puppy Class 1

12 weeks thru 6 months

Because you want to start your puppy off right

This is where it all begins and probably the most important series of lessons. You will begin to learn communication skills with your dog. To understanding their body language and to be better able to give them instruction. This is where your dog begins to build trust in you and excepts you as its leader. All leading up to a relationship that will last a lifetime.

 I originally designed these classes for future agility dogs, but it has proven itself to be very beneficial for all puppies. The program promotes the development of both physical and mental skills, it helps puppies learn how to use their minds and bodies, builds very good body awareness, balance and strength. I do this by introducing the puppies to specific games and play that create fun interaction between you and your puppy. This is also when I to introduce basic obedience skills such as sit, down, stay and walking on a leash.

Please make sure your puppy is okay, per your vet, to participate.

Because most puppies attention spans are short I will allow semi-private lessons (two puppies).

Lessons run for 4 consecutive weeks.